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Bakery and cake shop in Mallorca

100% artisan

We are the bakery and cake shop favorite for many of our clients. Where, thanks to the hard work of our bakery experts, artisanal bread, delicious pastry and typical products from Mallorca are made daily in our ovens of Puerto Alcudia.Panord stands out by its simplicity, kindness and daily work. With this 3 values we've been growing step by step and we've become a reference bakery, both for hotels and restaurants and for many regular clients of our own shops that are already part of the Panord family.

Mallorcan products

We elaborate a big variety of mallorcan products following the traditional recipes of the island. From delicious “cremadillos” to tasty “panades”.

Handmade elaboration

Our products are 100% artisan. This means that every day we make and bake our products so that they are fresh and quality products.

Breakfast and snacks

At Panord you’ll find a wide variety of breakfast and snacks at the best prices: “pulguitas”, hot and cold sandwiches, neapolitans, croissants, etc.

Catering service

We put at your disposal a wide variety of canapés, typical mallorcan products, pastries, cakes, pies and much more so that you can triumph at your party.

Seasonal products

We have a lot of products: easter eggs, “espinagades”, “panellets”, Halloween cakes, San Valentín heart-shaped pies, “roscón de Reyes” and much more.

Relax with a coffee

Sit, relax and take a coffee, tea or infusion at our bakeries and cake shops in Mallorca.

Children’s playground

We have a playground for the little ones of the house to have fun while you take something relaxed.

“Ensaimadas” for travelling

We like to make it easy for you. That’s why we package our “ensaimadas” (made following the traditional recipe) so you can take them without problems on your trips.

Bakery in Mallorca

Bakery in Mallorca

In Panord we make and bake the bread with our own sourdough and we control all the elaboration process, from the fermentation to the baking, to get one of the best breads of Mallorca: try our mallorcan bread, “llonguet”, whole grain bread, rustic, galician bread, “telera cordobesa”, “rosco con sal”... We are, for many of our clients, their favorite bakery in Mallorca.

Cake shop in Mallorca

Cake shop in Mallorca

Delicious cakes of all kind await you at Panord, your cake shop in Mallorca. Traditional recipes are fused with the last trends of international confectionary: crispy hazelnut, red velvet, three chocolates, tiramisu, lemon bombs… and many more!

Cafe in Mallorca

Cafe in Mallorca

Our assortment of coffee products for breakfast goes from the “coca de patatas”, to the croissant, to a “pulguita” with serrano ham and “mahonés” cheese to a chocolate heart-shaped puff pastry. We offer delicious bakery products so that breakfast in complete, both in our stores and hotels.

Mallorcan bakery and cake shop

100% Mallorcan

Our bakers always go hand by hand with tradition and gastronomy of the island. Every year we innovate with new products and new flavors, but we always start from the base of Mallorcan traditional bakery and pastry. Long story short, we offer the most mallorcan products of the island.


Bakery and cake shop for hotels and restaurants in Mallorca


In the Panord workshop we make bread, pastry and a wide variety of products for the HORECA sector of Mallorca. They are products and services for hotels and restaurants that wanted to take a leap of quality and originality in their desserts, breads or buns. Panord has been offering this service to hotels, restaurants and cafes in Mallorca for more than 20 years.

Bakery and cake shop in Mallorca
Meet our workshop

We’re a traditional bakery and cake shop from Mallorca, founded in Alcudia in 1997. Since our birth we’ve opted to make quality bread and pastries by hand. Our baker experts wake up early every day to prepare our products and to get to your table freshly baked.

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Meet our workshop

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