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The best ensaimadas in Mallorca

The best ensaimadas in Mallorca


Do you want a good ensaimada? In Panord you’ll find of all kinds. We are a 100% handmade bakery and, of course, 100% Mallorcan so we put at your disposal the best ensaimadas of Mallorca that you can find.

Knead, rest, "fullar", roll and shape, are the 5 steps we follow and dominate in Panord so that we get a quality ensaimada.

Do you want to buy an ensaimada in Mallorca?

If you want to buy an ensaimada in Mallorca you have to do it at Panord. So we make it very easy for you, just fill in the form, choose the ensaimada that you like the most and wait for it to arrive at your nearest shop. Remember that we need at least 48 hours to prepare a quality ensaimada, since the dough has to rest about 20 hours.

Ensaimadas for breakfast

Enjoy the ensaimada for breakfast prepared by our bakers. Try them and you‘ll fall in love.

Traditional ensaimadas

You can order ensaimadas of 1 kilo, ½ kilo and ¼ kilo. The most traditional ensaimadas are the basic ones and the ones made of “cabello de ángel” (spaghetti squash jam).

Custom ensaimadas

Tell us the product you like the most, we’ll put it inside the ensaimada.

Ensaimadas to travel

We make it easy for you. Order us your ensaimada to travel from Mallorca and we’ll prepare it for you to take it home.

Ensaimadas for events

We can do much more for you. Besides our standard measures we can make a giant ensaimada to surprise all your guests.

Ensaimada of "tallades"

It’s the typical ensaimada of the "Dijous Llarder", days before Carnival. Originally it was made to give a taste to the palate before starting the Lent days.

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