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Cremadillos: recipe and how it is done

Cremadillos: recipe and how it is done

Typical Mallorcan

The cremadillos: recipe and how to make them!

Consideration one of the most typical sweets of the island of Mallorca, with permission of the ensaimada, the cremadillo is known for all the paladar Majorcan fear sume puff pastry crunchy caramelised. I can fill it with the product that you like, in Panord We have Chocolate, cream, Angel hair, Apple and Sobrasada with honey.

To be able to steel a quality cream you have to have some very clear guidelines:

-First of all They have to make the puff pastry and let it replenish at least 20 hours

- Straightaway, stretch, cut and overflow with sugar.

-To finish you put the stuffing that you like and baked.

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