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100% integral bread

100% integral bread


In the Panord oven all breads are made in the most artisanal way possible and always offering quality bread.

Since July 1, 2019, through Royal Decree 308/2019, a law has been entered to defend quality bakery products against industrialists that you can find in supermarkets or hot spots (eg: Gas Stations). With this new regulation we want to put an end to the fraud of naming wholemeal bread when it is not a bread made in 100% integral flour.

A Panord you can find a whole wheat bread made in 100% whole wheat flour, you will find both bread rolls and integral bread bars at our points of sale. And if you want another format we can adapt to you. You just have to ask.

This law not only includes wholemeal bread, but the whole world of bread and its denomination. For example, it will no longer be possible to call bread of sourdough a bread that is not 100% of the sourdough, or it can only be called Xeixa bread if it is 100% soft wheat flour. If it is not all the flour of the same cereal, the percent of the highlighted cereal flour will be indicated. For example: Pan de xeixa (60%).

In addition, this regulation also takes into account whether the bread is handcrafted or not. In order to be labeled as artisanal bread, the human factor in the machine must prevail and must be reviewed by a master baker. Another point of this new law says that bread can not be sold after 24 hours of baking. And if you want to put it up for sale you will be informed both in writing and verbally that you have more than 24 hours.

From Panord we hope it will be a benefit for all those bakers who do a great job so that we can eat quality bread every day.

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