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How a llonguet is made?

How a llonguet is made?


Tomeu, our baker from Sa Pobla, explains in a video how we make llonguets in Panord. It is not a common bread, so its procedure is different from the others, it has a slightly higher level of difficulty. In the next video we can see how Tomeu does them in our bakery.

Video of how a llonguet is made

First of all, the video begins by throwing a mixture of sugar, salt and yeast in the mixer, along with a little oil. And finally the flour of strength. And it is kneaded so that a uniform paste is left and can be easily worked with.

The next step is to take the roller tightly and flatten the dough as much as possible without breaking it. Then all is rolled up and they are cut to the pieces of about 3-4 fingers. So you can replenish for a few hours, it will depend on the amount of yeast that you have put.

To finish you have to bake the llonguets until they take a white toasted color. And the next step is to enjoy a good snack or meal, next to a llonguet.

Now you know how we do the llonguets in Panord, to see if you are encouraged, in case you do not understand something you can get in touch with you, and if it does not come out you can always come to see us in one of our stores to enjoy one .

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